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LuminaraLuminara Candles

The most realistic flameless candles to be developed yet, Luminara candles by Smart Candle use a patented combination of electromagnetics and LED lights to replicate a burning flame. After three years of solid product development, the Luminara team are proud to bring to customers a candle alternative that is almost indistinguishable from a traditional real-flame candle. Luminara candles so closely mimic a real flame, creating a flickering illusion that retains the elegance and romance of a true burning flame...without the issues of mess, cost and constant relighting that traditional candles present. Our real wax Luminara candles are 10.2cm (4in) in diameter and are available in three height variations - 12.7cm (5in), 16.5cm (7in) and 20.3cm (9in). Select from three different colour options – ivory, sage and crimson.

LuminaraLuminara Candles

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